In the streets of Nantes on Ascension Thursday 2019

Same day as the last article, but this series is about the streets on Nantes, with some obligatory bike shots, some lovely knockers, shops, churches, and other buildings. This seems to represent part of my universe when I’m in Nantes. Or more the way I see this little area of Nantes.

I usually park in the Feydeau car park, and head through Bouffay, towards Place Royale where I’ll eat in either the Sugar Blue Café (really nice and one of my favourites) and when it’s not open I have to cross the road and eat at the Suppli Factory which is like Italian street food, but not on the street, but still really good food!

After the food, which was delicious we headed off towards the St Nicolas Basilica (photos of which will be the subject of another article) and up past the Cathedral towards the river Erdre (yet another article). Spoiler alert!!!

2 thoughts on “In the streets of Nantes on Ascension Thursday 2019

    1. That’s very kind of you. The aim was to have something with a more sedate pace than in Instagram. Also I get to show some colour photography here too. My Instagram feed is black and white only. Yes, I have more freedom here.


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