This is IJM Photography’s nucleus. Dear Reader, I offer myself and my photography to you for your delight, to take you on my photographic adventure, and perhaps to raise a grin now and then… I occasionally mention tea and cake, beer, the pub, and even Nantes itself. But not only. You’ll see how I perceive the world via my numerous cameras, and you might like it!

  • Clisson


    Have you ever come across the articles named “The 10 Prettiest Villages in France,” “The 10 Prettiest Villages in Yorkshire,” “The 10 Prettiest Villages in Northumberland,” or “Some Other Dream Spot in This Beautiful World?”  No? The one closest to us, is about 15 kilometres away and not in the south of France, which I… Read more

  • Watching people watching art

    Watching people watching art

    Sometimes watching people watch art is half the fun. Especially modern art. It makes you question what art actually is. Sometimes you have to look twice. Sometimes you think a five-year-old could do the same thing, and maybe even better. Or, as in the case of the work “Comedian” by Maurizio Cattelan, your art gets… Read more

  • A Breath of Fresh Air

    A Breath of Fresh Air

    It’s 15h31 on a Monday afternoon, and I’m laying in my bed writing this whilst listening to Bach played on the guitar. Molly is sleeping (and snoring) next to my bed and has just had a belly rub. I was out this morning with the Fuji X100F, driving around the countryside. Why wasn’t I at… Read more

  • Friday afternoon in Nantes

    Friday afternoon in Nantes

    Today was a good day. I like good days.  A mixture of barbershops, photography, cake and tea, and most importantly, friends. On this sunny Friday afternoon, I had the afternoon off from work, it would be a perfect day to go to the barbershop and get this beard of mine seen too.  I knew it… Read more

  • Photo Editing

    Photo Editing

    Sometimes you have a friend that wants a photo taken for whatever reason, and the friend in question was a schoolmate from my days at the Conservatoire de Cholet. We both still play and now play in the same orchestra. She wanted a photograph of herself with the said violin. She was expecting me to… Read more

  • Easter 2023

    Easter 2023

    This weekend is the Easter weekend, and for Catholics, this is quite a big deal. We’ve been through forty days of Lent, and the ultimate week of Holy Week, with the sacrifices we offer up for our sins. “They,” say that you can acquire a habit in 21 days, so imagine what can happen in… Read more