Hello everyone

Hello everyone, and by that I mean people who actually read this blog and seem to enjoy it. Here I will not be facetious or try to be funny, but in the contrary be deadly serious. Well, maybe not deadly, but definitely a little serious.

I have a question for you. Why do you follow this blog? It can’t be for my great looks, charm and obvious charisma! I’ve been looking at my stats and have found the article I wrote about the X100f to be very popular. And I have to admit to being surprised. It was an article that was too long according to my mother, so that has to be true. It may annoy the shit out of me, be she is often right about these things, but I see people coming back to it again and again.

Is that kind of thing interesting to you? Is it the camera, is it the way it makes feel when using it? What about using different kit? I’m talking about the helios lens, or maybe the 16-35mm lens. Would you like to hear more about that too?

These are sincere questions and I’m interested in what you might have to say. Are there any other subjects you would like me to talk about?

Yeah, I know, it’s all soul searching, but if I can share things that interest you, then it might be a more pleasurable experience reading me as I ramble on. The idea after all is to write something that will interest you, interest me, something that I have a minimum of knowledge of, maybe have a laugh together, etc.

So, give a shout in the comments and let’s try and make this, whatever it is, a two way, sharing, experience that can benefit us both.

As I said, this is an article, hors du temps, and is trying to strike up a conversation. Don’t be scared, firstly because this is the Internet and people can, and often do say what they think in a most forthright manner, and secondly, I don’t bite. Thanks for stopping by…

PS your weekly article will be out on Friday 2nd of July at 17h French time. It pays to be a winner…

6 thoughts on “Hello everyone

  1. Hi Ian, I read it because you are an old friend. You live abroad. You have an interest. You are sometimes funny?. The photos are great and capture a different culture and perspective. It’s a way of staying connected with you over long distances. How’s that? Rich

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    1. I get exactly what you mean. It’s strange living in a different country they than the one you grew up in, and yes, it does give you a different outlook on life. I mean for it’s as norma as fish and chips, but maybe less tasty….l


  2. En fait, parfois, il ne faut même pas chercher à comprendre pourquoi tel article attire plus de monde qu’un autre. Oui, il y a des règles dans le blogging comme : pas d’article trop long (quand on fait une formation dans le domaine, on t’apprend que les gens le lisent pas les contenus qui dépassent un certain nombre de signes, je ne sais plus à combien c’est fixé actuellement) et tout un tas de petits trucs très précis. Parfois ça fonctionne, parfois beaucoup moins bien.
    Car il y a quelque chose que j’ai appris en plus de 15 ans de blogging : quand tu es passionné par ton sujet, ça se sent. Et, du coup, les gens apprécient.
    Je crois que c’est ça le plus important. Surtout pour un blog non pro (dans le sens : qui n’a pas un but commercial ).
    Bon, moi ici, je lis et je regarde les photos, parce que sur Instagram, c’est moins beau, il faut le dire 😉

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    1. Je préfère les photos ici aussi, et pour ceux que ça l’intéresse, il y a les strings pour chaque photo.
      Je comprends l’histoire de x paragraphes. Mais comme tu dis, je fais ça en amateur… et ça me va bien. Je pense que les gens aiment pour le plupart. Mais l’article sur le x100f a beaucoup plu. Du coup la prochaine article est sur l’Olympus Trip 35. On verra.


  3. Hello Ian. I can care less about the X100. Okay, that’s not exactly true. Of all the digital cameras out there, that just may be the one I’d consider buying. Still, it’s hardly the reason I read your blog. I enjoy your sense of humor, the insight you give into another part of the world, the honesty with which you reveal yourself, and, of course, your photos. All the best, – James


    1. Thank you James. The x100f is a lovely piece of kit that could recommend to a lot of people. Anyway, let’s stop annoying about it or people might begin to wonder. I, like most people, have a tendency to talk about what is familiar. Amd as you say my familiar is not necessarily your familiar and vice versa. I do like where I live and the nearby city of Nantes even if there have been articles about Paris etc. I think honesty is often the best policy and people can spot bullshit a mile away. If the article don’t ring true then people would soon be bored despite the wonderful photography of yours truly. My humour is not for everyone, as I discovered when talking to my mother. Note to self, no sodomy jokes to mother. The photos are the results of my wanderings and rambling through the different places I find myself. Hence the new tag line, portraits of people and places. Still on the lookout for new victims, I mean models. I’m happy you enjoy my rambling on and the odd photo now and again (sometimes some very odd photos) and it’s a pleasure to have you on board. We have talked together in the past and ideally we would go out for a beer, get slightly squiffy, and have a really good chin wag. I’ll get the first round in…


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