The Obligatory Bike Shot

As a photographer, I think we all have a certain shot that just can’t help itself popping up in our work. On every outing with a camera, a certain subject will attract us on a sub-conscious level. I was talking to a friend on Instagram and the exchange drifted to this very subject. From my Swedish friend, his fetish is the empty park bench. For those of you who love dissecting everything phsycologically, I will let you have your field day in the comments.

Once upon a time, for me, it was doorknockers and doorknobs. Again, I’ll let you discuss this innuendo in the comment section. But time flies like an arrow, and fruit flies like a banana. The French will say, “seul un con ne change pas d’avis.” Only a fool never changes his mind. I disagree and think that only a fool doesn’t allow himself the opportunity to change if that change can bring him something new and help him develop as a human being , and for me, as a photographer.

The clue is in the title. I just can’t help myself taking shots of bikes. Every time I venture out with a camera, I am drawn at least once to the quasi-obligatory bike shot. Maybe you will be too after looking at my images…

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