That time of the year

Since my last article, I seem to have spent more time away from this blog than usual. Let me reassure you, Dear Reader, that I have not abandoned this enterprise, nor am I dead. Quite the contrary really. I have been living life. I have been drinking tea. I have been eating cake. I have been taking photos. I have spent time with friends. I have spent time with family. I have celebrated Christmas. I have survived Christmas. I am presently on holiday.

After I had written my last article, I had one more week at work. Let me be thankful for small mercies, it was a four day week! And here I am with another week having flown by! Isn’t that the way when you’re on holiday?

There were still as many days in the week, hours in the day, minutes in the hour, and seconds in the minute, but mere word “holiday” seems to brush that notion of time away. Physics no longer exists.

You are wrapped up in action, like those presents under the tree. You don’t have the time to take a step back and reflect. Well you do, but it’s part of the action. How’s that for irony?

All this to say that I am still here and have decided to spend some time in reflection, and having a break from the action. I have photos to share with you, thoughts to share with you, maybe the odd story… Time to have a real rest from trying to pack stuff into every second just because I have some time…

Do I really have time after all, or can I decide to just take a break?

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